Spark Arts - Circus, Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts Classes

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At Spark Arts/Circus Moves our focus is on community, and we value process over product. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to experience the joy and thrill of practicing and performing expressive and movement arts without the pressures of competition. We deliver rigorous foundation courses designed to develop high level skills in performing and visual arts. By placing creativity and imagination above outcome our classes will foster a lifelong love of the arts.


Youth and adult circus arts programs promote physical, neural, and social development; foster imagination, cooperation, perseverance, and trust; encourage collaboration over competition, and will challenge and empower every participant! Perfect for athletes who want to hone their skills and sharpen their game, and just as good for the wobbly folks of any age trying to find their center.


Our mixed-levels classes offer youth and adults an opportunity to become a strong, technically sound dancers without the pressures and stresses of competition. Small class sizes allow for each student to get the special attention and one on one time needed to produce excellent dancers!


Studio classes at Spark Arts are unique in that students work closely with professional working artists on individual projects at their own pace and level. This allows the flexibility to have projects that are fast-paced, process-oriented and experimental in expression, as well as having time available for more intricate, intensive projects. Class sizes are strictly limited to allow plenty of individual instruction and maintain the process of unique expression for each artist.



Adult classes are on hiatus for the summer.